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Coordinating Council

Francesca Cuffaro local 1150
John Cuffaro local 1789
Karina D’Ermo local 1405
Jessie Evans local 3231
Garth Farray local 5214
Toni Hakem* local 8376
Suzanne Morzajew local 1120
Jean Nagy local 5030
Mike O’Hara local 1250
Carey-Ann Pawsey local 1032
Jonathan Perlman local 1426
Billi-Jo Poirier local 1188
Lucy Segal local 2990
Veronique Tyler local 1638

* non-voting member


The Coordinating Council (CC) shall be composed of the Executive Committee and all members of the Standing Committees & Representatives listed in articles 1 to 10 of Chapter VI. If a member occupies more than one Council position, he/she is limited to one vote.


The duties of the Coordinating Council are as follows:
(a) to ratify any decisions that will be taken at the Standing Committee level;
(b) to ratify any agreement or entente between the Union and the College;
(c) to ratify any decision to contract legal and/or technical services not provided by the FPSES that may be necessary;
(d) to act as a consultative body for the Union;
(e) to make recommendations to the Executive Committee and the General Assembly;
(f) authorize any expense of one thousand dollars ($1,000) or less, above and beyond the approved operating budget;
(g) to assume all Executive powers and duties if there are less than three (3) members on the Executive Committee.

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