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DSSU Executive Committee Members:

PRESIDENT John Cuffaro 1789 2018-20
V.P. INTERNAL Garth Farray 5214 2019-21
V.P. COMMUNICATIONS Karina D’Ermo 1405 2019-21
V.P. EXTERNAL Veronique Tyler 1638 2019-21
SECRETARY Meghan O’Grady 1402 2019-20
TREASURER Francesca Cuffaro 1150 2018-20


The Executive Committee meets at least bi-weekly during the fall and winter semesters, once a month during summer and non-school periods; date and place set by the President. Quorum is set at fifty percent plus one (50% + 1) of the members.


The duties of the Executive Committee are as follows:

The duties of the Executive Committee are as follows:
(a) to administer the operations of the Union;
(b) to determine the dates and places of meetings, General Assemblies and Special General Assemblies;
(c) to administer the funds of the Union within the limitations of the budget;
(d) to implement all decisions taken by the General Assembly;
(e) to form committees necessary to study, discuss, promote, or attain the aims of the union;
(f) to receive complaints from members, examining and taking action on them;
(g) to replace by appointment any officer who has resigned;
(h) to designate the person(s) who will represent the Union or the members thereof officially when participation is required at an organization or committee;
(i) to prepare agendas for Executive, Coordinating Council and General Assembly meetings;
(j) to consult and make recommendations to the Coordinating Council and General Assembly;
(k) to authorize all requests for syndical leave.

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